Public relations

Having a tough time dealing with or getting through to the media?  It’s ok, I speak their language. And with my extensive contacts and understanding of the media industry, I can ensure everyone will hear about your brand through the various media channels.eric-nopanen-8e0EHPUx3Mo-unsplash

Involved in the media industry for more than 13 years, I know the difference between a good press release and a great one. I know how to get the attention of journalists and editors with the story angles and ideas that will pique their interest – to get the message out about your products, brand and business.

A devoted public relations specialist will also help you build good relationships, not only with the media but  with your potential clients, and will deliver real results such as new business/clients and increased website traffic.

I can help you by:

  • Increasing your profile in print, online and television
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Crafting expert and opinion columns and blogs
  • Handling media enquiries
  • Dealing with crisis management
  • Identifying publicity opportunities
  • Developing and handling your social media needs
  • Providing media training